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Production Facility
Quality Policy
Our Company profile

Sri Vijay Chemical is a leading manufacturer of NPK hand Mixture, NPK Granulated Fertiliser Mixture & BIO Fertiliser. It is established since 1996 by S.Senthil Kumar, noted Agriculturist whose dedicated and long vision made it possible today to cater the needs of entire farmers' community of 32 districts in tamil Nadu.

Initially we had manufactured only NPK physical mixtures and supplied to some of thedistrictsin Tamil nadu state such as vellore, kanchipuram and Tiruvanamalai Districts.

Then, the demand of NPK Granulated Fertiliser mixture & BIO fertiliser is on a big rise around the nation and especially in our Tamil Nadu State. we started our production of NPK Granulated Fertiliser Mixture & BIO fertiliser in the year 2011.

We are leading company engagged in manufacuring NPK Granulated Fertiliser Mixture in Tamil Nadu State as far as private sectoris concerned.Now, we made our machinery setup to manufacture NPK Granulated Fertiliser Mixture having capacity of 2500 MT per month.

We are marketing our own Granulated NPK Fertiliser in the brand name of the "SRI VIJAY CHEMICAL" which is well accepted by the farmer's community of 32 districts in Tamil Nadu.
The Company is committed to manufacture abd supply the products to the customer satification, contributing to enhance socio-economic growth of society truly maintaining quality standards.

We belive that the foundation of the organization is based on relationship, trust & the mission is to provide the clients with customized & high quality products. Hence the motto of the company is to earn customer satisfication & delight by which the company is committed to all the clients & associates on long term basis for mutual benefits.

We have been in the industry for last 17 years. We have been fertilizer wholesaler past three generation.

Through its consistent focus on quality, company awarded by ISO 9001:2008

The Salient features of our Fertiliser Plants include: 
Testing of all raw maerial for quality.
Grinding of raw materials.
Granulation of mixed ingredients.
Draying of granules.
Cooling of granules.
Screening of product.
Grinding / recycle of oversize material.
Testing the product for quality
Spaciuos equipment layout and plant building
Emission within acceptable norms, ensuring zero pollution